Ongoing Project: Homo Anonymous (looking for models)


Always working on several things, keeps me focused and enjoy my work. I am in the middle of a Portrait assignments for 17 Portraits. Working on my first book ‘I Love you Decay: Thermphos’ it should have been finished and ready for purchasing but it is not as perfect as I wanted it. Due to technical problems in the work of the Printing Office. Working hard to get them to fix this problem. To be continued.

At the same time I am working on a new Fine Art Portrait Project, called Homo Anonymous. In this project I am investigating the value of Anonymity in our society. Do we need it? How much? How do we get this? And so on.

I am still looking for models to work with.
Females 18 years and older, no experience needed. From fully clothed to naked and everything in between. Contact me if you want to join.

You can see my findings here:

Sinar P2 Fomapan 400 Model: Sharon Otto

Sinar P2
Fomapan 400
Model: Sharon Otto