Exciting Instant Film News

Peel a Part. Magic words when it comes to analogue Photography.

A couple of years ago Fuji decided to pull the plug out of the Machines and the Production of their line of Peel a Part film. Prizes went sky high and the first one to run out was the Legendary 3000b film. After that the colour versions ran out. So after Polaroid, Fuji was the second Company to stop producing Instant Film for Professional use. And they were both wrong.

And now due to a man callad Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps (read his story made by Freunde von Freunden) decides to reinvent this Peel a Part film. And now it is alive! ONE INSTANT is the name of the Project and you can fund the project on Kickstarter. Make sure this Film will not completely die. They reinvented the whole idea of Peel a Part film. Very exciting to keep shooting 4x5” Instant film in the Studio.

Kickstarter Campaign