Curated by PaulvanBueren


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Curated by Paul van Bueren

As an artist I like to watch at other Peoples works. For inspiration and other things. I like to believe: ‘I See a Talent when I see one Photograph’.

Would you be interested to see more of the talents I find, here on my blog? Please let me know!

For Example:


I remember seeing his work for the first time, it was the attention Greg spent on his subject and therefore his project, that hits my eyes. Getting to know a person through one photograph and being able to keep a viewers attention is not as easy as it seems and Greg has the talent to do that. Greg is also a Photographer who is able to connect with all generations surrounding them. His own kids, adolescents, young adults who are away for one day in Brighton or his Father who suffered from dementia and died last year. That is a big talent to set aside your own ego to the benefit of the project and being able to connect to the people around you and gaining their trust to photograph them.

Take a good long look at this projecs: