This is becoming a serious issue. People feel offend about everything now. Instead of putting their phones down and go for a walk in nature, they turn their emotions to the ones that trying to make people aware of issues like animal cruelty, (non) religious matters and nudity. These three issues are all we talk about online. O and maybe soccer.

Our society is becoming more narrow minded by the day. It is time to stand up against narrow minded people in a non violent way. Just tell them to put their phones down, go for at least 30 minutes walk in the park and figure out your own opinion. Not an opinion fed up by the internet. Internet was supposed to be a fast way to share information, now it has become our first life. Was it on the internet? No? So It did not happen.

There is more to it. Nothing is what it seems. Nudity is not sex. It is just a way to express yourself. It started with instagram blocking out female nipples. Not male nipples. Whell instagram male nipples don’t have a function at all. Female nipples do: they give life to children. We should celebrate the female nipple. Not hide it.

The second thing they are blocking out are butt cracks. What seriously? Buttcracks? We all have one, no exceptions. It is just a part of the human body, not sexual in the first place. It makes it easier to drop something in the toilet in the morning. It helps you sit down all day. And it helps you make your pants look better. Why block something out we all have?

And now the third block option has arrived at instagram: a warning sign for nudity. You need to give yourself permission to see nudity. It is like putting people in jail because they can maybe one day do something they are not supposed to do. Stop doing this.

People can delete their own instagram account if they feel offended. Maybe you should make it more easier to delete your own account. Put your phone down and go for a walk in nature.



The Merge ART duo