2018 A Review

2018 Started out with an Exposition of my Series ‘Verlaten’.

It was great, although my expectations were much higher when it comes to selling work. Out of the comments from the visitors I started my new Fine Art project ‘Homo Anonymous’ about the value of anonymity in our daily life.

Lot’s of things have happened this year. Big number of commercial assignments. I started to paint agian. Built a complete new Website. My cat died. I made my first book ‘I Love you Decay: Thermphos’ but for technical reasons due to the work of the printshop I need to redo it completely. Rescheduled for the first quarter of 2019. I renewed my Office. I started to built my darkroom. Met a pretty, intelligent and interesting woman. Invested in a new 4x5” camera a Sinar P2 the old camera of Dutch Master Photographer Pim Vuik. (Make sure to visit his website). Decided to delete my Facebook and Instagram accounts and several other social media accounts that took to much of my time and focus away. Visited one of the best locations for ‘I Love you Decay’. Said farewell to the Hedwigepolder.

And I think I am forgetting things but this must be the highlights of my year.

Coming up in 2019:

Q1: My Book ‘I Love you Decay: Thermphos’
Q2: Portraits, portraits, portraits.
Q3: Exhibition of my Places work in a Government Building
Q4: Portraits, portraits, portraits.

I want to explore, experiment and make more mistakes in 2019. Paint and photograph. Sell more work Paintings, Prints and Books. Learning to be a Printmaster in my Darkroom. Enjoy life more. Being a better Friend, Brother and Son. Visit more exhibitions. Meet more fellow Artists.

in 2019 I will be open for assignments, collaborations, ideas, suggestions, darkroom lessons. Let us meet, eat, drink and talk in 2019! See you soon!


Where can you Find me?

Since I have deleted a lot of social media accounts, I need to find new ways to show my work. Working on a big update for my portfolio book. Take a train to a big city and show my work to Galleries. I still have some accounts left, this is where you still can find me and my work:

Art Limited

Linda for H O M O  A N O N Y M O U S

Linda for H O M O A N O N Y M O U S