How Analytics can turn into a Bussiness Idea

Sometimes I can feel really nerdy and I like myself for that. I can watch live statistics on my website for example and enjoy it. Recently I started to monitor both Google and Bing statistic and a different kind of people are using Bing. One of the most common searches to find my website are ‘Photography Lessons’. And that is where my brain got activated.

What can I learn people about Photography?

A Lot! Just thinking out loud:
I am not really a tech guy so it won’t be an in depth course on how to get the best possible Photograph in every light situation. Off course I can teach you that, but there a re hundreds of people who can teach you this in a better way. It would be more interesting to teach you how to transfer you feelings into an Portrait. How to Photograph ‘Anger’ without showing an angry Face. How to Photograph ‘Grief’ without showing a Face with tears. Preferable one on one with a model and I will observe you as a Photographer. How do you make contact with your model, how do you act on set. I will ask questions and let you think for yourself.

So it would be a workshop where you need to come up with all the answers.

I need to try this out first so first course would be half a day half price.

I am looking for an Advanced Photographer with good technical Skills willing to learn how to make better Portraits when it comes to the content of the Photograph.

Am I talking to you? Do you feel as excited as I feel right now? Do you want to step up your skills? Contact me I am really looking forward to this course!

Model: Judith de Back Mamiya 645  Kodak Portra 400

Model: Judith de Back
Mamiya 645
Kodak Portra 400