Magazines on Photography will come and go like the seasons are changing from spring to winter. But now there’s a new Magazine and I think it’s here to stay for a long time.

At first because of the force that is Carlos Irineu da Costa, one of the founders and publisher for WASEmag. Second because of the content in the both the Magazine and online. Very diverse, all good to very good.

So now Edition Zero has landed and it is promising. The cover image is one from the works of Australian Photographer and co-founder of WASEmag: Bill Poon. The image is highly erotic and at the same time monumental like a Michelangelo Statue.

In the Magazine (a Collector’s item) you will find the works of 35 Photographers from 17 different Countries around the Globe for Example:

Alexandre Cabrita
Bill Poon
Carolina Martin
Dirk Haas
Erik te Nijenhuis
Jacky S.
Megan Van De
Paul van Bueren

You can expect erotic fine art photography, great portraits, amazing self portraits and lot’s of other beautiful Fine Art Photography.

So order your print now: