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I need to sell this piece of ART to continue my project so here are some credits about this Fine Art Portrait.


Shot on Kodak 320TXP using my Sinar P2.

My lovely muse Judith de Back

Developed in my darkroom on Fibre based Oriental Paper 18x24cm
Light for 164 seconds.
Passe Partout cut out myself and framed in a wooden frame 33x34 cm

Catalogue Price €1000,- excluding shipping costs
Limited Edition 1/5

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Homo Anonymous in Print

Three days in a row, sounds like start of a good song. It was yesterday I heard music in my ears while working in the darkroom. Getting a good result for the first time after nine hours of trial and error making a wet print.

I started last Sunday, making as much mistakes as possible while having my eye on the troubleshooting list. I discovered some flaws in my workflow. Last monday I changed some things I the workflow, for example focusing one making one good print instead of ten different prints without any good results. Again having my eye on the troubleshootlist. It turned out the paper was bad, I ran a papertest and it came out all black. So I did throw away the box (placed it in the drawer, maybe I can use it some day for another purpose).

Yesterday I ran a couple of more tests: another papertest of a new box (opened a long time ago) it came out white, so that’s a good thing. I also ran a safelight test, by placing objects on a piece of paper, after replacing the bulb with a new one with some sort of plastic ring on it.

A safelight bulb is never completely painted towards the base of the bulb. This test worked great the safelight was now completely safe.

So now it was time to make the best possible print to my ability. Making good notes by every step. Something I need to learn to be consequent about it so I can reproduce prints afterwards and learn my process.

Turned out I needed 10 steps (read: ten times printing ± 3 hours of work) to get a print that was very fulfilling.

00) Installing a timer for controlling the enlarger
01) Paper test in complete darkness
02) Paper Safelight test
03) Lightening time test, setting a base for paper en enlarger
04) Testprint with the best time out of the previous test
05) After controlling the testprint, make another lightening test using a 2.5 contrast filter.
06) Testprint with lighteningtime found in previous test.
07) ‘Shiny side up’ of the negative turned out to be bullshit, after discovering the print was a mirror image.
08-10) Making contrast adjustments

The key to a good print is controlling contrast. This will take a lot of testing and practising. Overall I love the process of making a good print out of my 4x5” negatives. So I can work completely analogue now.

Homo Anonymous Model: Femke  Sinar P2 Kodak 320 TXP 4x5” Negative  Print: Agfa Multicontrast Glossy 17 x24 cm 18 seconds using 2.5 contrast filter  This is a scan of the print.

Homo Anonymous
Model: Femke
Sinar P2
Kodak 320 TXP 4x5” Negative

Print: Agfa Multicontrast Glossy 17 x24 cm
18 seconds using 2.5 contrast filter
This is a scan of the print.



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Fine Art looking for Empty Wall

Verlaten (abandoned)

A series of 20 unique works out of my project ‘Verlaten (abandoned)’, a project by artist Paul van Bueren about that moment someone is leaving you a childhood memory relived over and over again and transferred into Fine Art Portraits.

All Portraits are shot on Fomapan 400 film using a Cambo SC-1 4x5” Technical Camera.

Prints are 50x63 cm on Fine Art Baryta Paper using a Epson Stylus Pro 11880 Printer.

Mounted on 2mm dibond and framed in a black frame frame, finished with a black wooden panel at the back and ready to hang.

All works are one of a kind, there will be no second print. All works will be signed and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Did you know you can buy Prints of my Projects. Different sizes different scenes and places. What do you prefer? A print without a frame or a ready to hang framed print? I can offer both. I am working on an easy set up in my shop. I will offer more exclusive prints and collectibles. Keep an eye on my blog or subscribe to the newsletter for more information.

I Love you Decay  Mamiya 645  Kodak Portra 400

I Love you Decay
Mamiya 645
Kodak Portra 400