Some tasks left on the ‘want to do list’ but I managed to make my first wet print! Took me three hours to get a good visible result. I did my homework but nothing was as it showed on the instruction video’s. So I needed to figure out a lot of things. For example, lightening times. How much light do you send form the enlarger through the negative on to the positive paper. How much tie do you need in the develop solution, nothing is at seems on the information I collected. So I need to figure out everything myself and I like that very much. I lost track of time and was able to focus on my tasks. It was almost therapeutic working in the darkroom.

I have set some goals for myself: making my work even more unique and working towards an all homeprinted exhibition in the future. I will keep you posted as much as I can. On the blog an in the newsletter. The best results will appear on the blog.

See you soon!

Have a great Sunday!